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A quick Squidoo Lens all about choosing what type of swim spa to go for

New Vista Suite installed this week at our Knockholt showroom, pool canopies coming next week!

How do you choose which type of Swim Spa to buy?

Find a Used Hot Tub With This Advice

An increasing number of people appear to be sourcing their portable spas through somebody who might be relocating, might not possess some area for their pool any more, or may merely be upgrading to a brand new model, and could result in significant savings. The existing secondary luxury hot tub marketplace is thriving on line, with classified advertisements along with forums becoming ever more popular. With any luck you’ll find the ideal hot tub supplying you with numerous years of contented bathing, using a little aid from these recommendations.

The internet is usually a great place to locate pre-owned garden spas if you keep aware and steer well away of possible cons and confidence tricksters. If purchasing using classified advertising, you ought to search in your local area to start with, in advance of widening your hunt, since it’s way more valuable to look at a bunch of spas prior to committing to purchase. When you are finding the best possible garden hot tubs to purchase by going online, you could possibly be scouting on auction websites like eBay. If choosing in this manner, you are usually recommended to not offer on items until you have viewed and scrupulously tested them, if possible while running and functioning correctly. You could possibly infrequently manage to discover portable spa auctions in your local area, mostly at reputable suppliers. You need to make sure you are absolutely up to date regarding what you are buying during the auction and get any guidance offered by the vendor before buying. During these events you might see a selection of pre-owned outdoor hot tubs, with varying quality, therefore buy carefully.

Great video of the brand new Riptide Hydros swim spa - please take a look at

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How do I choose between traditional steam, hybrid and infrared saunas?

Guide to maintaining your hot tub water with chemicals

Brief guide about maintaining your Hot Tub Cover, and knowing when it’s time to replace.